Our skills and experience span the full media, tech and digital landscape. We bring particular expertise to music, sports and TV/film projects. The portfolio below provides an illustration of the projects and transactions we get involved in.


Devialet is a leading audio tech start-up that raised €100m in December 2016. The most awarded company in the history of audio, Devialet aspires to revolutionise the music industry and become the world leader in sound technologies by 2020. Already #1 globally in high-end amplifiers, Devialet launched Phantom in 2015, a wireless all-in-one speaker recognised as the most refined and powerful on the market. All products are 100% manufactured in France and the Company boasts over 100 patents. Devialet has worked with Eleven with regard to its establishment, launch and partnerships in the UK media industry.


In 2016 Adam and Jason Perry set about the ambitious task of building a live event around YouTubers. Eleven came on board in the early stages of concept development. We’ve helped Adam and Jason with the commercial architecture of the event. We’ve used our network and expertise to assist with: (i) talent deals; (ii) broadcast deals; (iii) getting a production partner on board; and (iv) securing investment. HelloWorld illustrates perfectly that when we find a project we're truly passionate about we will invest our time and value across the business and share in the upside together. We can’t wait for the first run of the show in October 2017 which will feature some of the world’s most famous online talent.

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Jukedeck is one of the most exciting companies in the UK technology scene. Its proprietary Artificial Intelligence platform provides a unique proposition for the creation, composition and consumption of music. Eleven has been privileged to advised its founders and board on its commercial and monetisation strategy for the last couple of years and been an advocate for its opportunity to revolutionise and revitalise the global music industry.

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People Are Awesome

Jean Coffey was working as a music manager at ATC Management when she discovered that the youtube channel, Dan, the guitarist in one of her bands had set up, was growing rapidly. eleven worked with Jean and Dan from the earliest stages of conceptualising People are Awesome as a stand-alone business, to spinning it out of ATC and advising on its rapid growth as a multi channel network. Less than a year after founding, US based Jukin Media expressed interest in acquiring the business. eleven's corporate finance team ran a competitive and rapid sale process where Jukin emerged as the successful bidder but with an optimal valuation and deal structure for the People Are Awesome shareholders.